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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

September 2018

HGC Management is committed to conduct its operations in a responsible manner, prioritizing the importance of the protection and preservation of the environment by pollution prevention.

Our goal is to minimize the environmental impacts associated with our operations while continuing to provide products of the highest quality.

HGC Management’s Board of Directors and its employees will actively support this policy through the observation of the following guiding principles:

  • Appropriate information, resources, equipment, and training are provided to achieve compliance with applicable environmental laws.
  • Environmental roles and responsibilities are established at all levels of the organization.
  • Adverse environmental impacts from operations and reduced through:
  • More effective use of resources, including waste reduction and efficient energy use.
  • Appropriate improvements to procedures for activities which have potential negative environmental consequences.
  • Environmental management is integrated into HGC Management and decision-making processes.

HGC Management commits to maintaining awareness of industry environmental standards and to further its environmental goals, compliance with regulatory obligations and promoting environmental continuous improvement.

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